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TW Beta Archives 00

December 2010



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Dec. 8th, 2010

TW Beta Archives 00

HTML Cheat-Sheet!

For a quick and dirty lesson in beating HTML into submission, look no further than the TWBeta_Mods' HTML Cheat-Sheet!

We understand just how frustrating the Rich Text Editor on journals can be. It can destroy formatting in the blink of an eye (click of a mouse), and it can turn text that was once standard 11pt font, to Giant Text of Doom, or Tiny Text of Terror and it can turn paragraphs into a seemingly never-ending Wall of Text.

Below, are some handy short-cuts to avoid all those.


Before you continue, let it be known that whenever you see a [square bracket] you need to replace them with < these brackets >.

* To create an LJ-Cut, saving your flist from Fic (or anything really), that they're not quite ready to read:

[lj-cut text="Witty Title/Cut Text"] Your entry/Fic [/lj-cut]

* To bold/italicise/underline/strike-through/small text/big text:

[b]bold[/b] / [i]italics[/i] / [u]underline[/u] / [s]strike-through[/s] / [small]small text[/small] / [big]big text[/big]

* To add a link:

[a href="Enter The URL Here"]What You Want Linked (title/chapter number/excerpt) Here[/a]

* To add an image:

[img src="Image URL Here"]

* To centre your text:

[center]centered text[/center]

* To quote something/someone:

[blockquote]Insert Quote Here[/blockquote]

* To change your font style/colour/size:

[font face="Font Name"]Text Here[/font] - You can use a lot of different fonts, but you must separate the font names with a comma: "font name, font name, font name".

[font colour="#Hex-Code Goes Here"]Text Here[/font] - a Hex-Code, is slang for "Hexadecimal Code". Basically it is a six alpha/numerical code, that will change the colour of your text, eg. #ffffff: is the hex-code for White, #000000: is the hex-code for Black. Here is a handy table with all the codes available by Theodora.com.

[font size="Font Size Goes Here"]Text Here[/font] - font sizes range from Size 1 to Size 7.

* To combine these three, simply do the following:

[font size="Number" colour="hex-code" face="Style Name"]Text Here[/font]


We hope this cheat-sheet is useful, and make things a little bit easier when dealing with HTML. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

- The Mods